COVID-19 Update 3/25/20

Dear CMS Families,

I am writing to update you with what services are still available due to the Governor’s recent “Stay-At-Home” order and what our school is doing in response to this and other challenges presented by Covid-19.

Most of you are aware of the new order but here is the language that stipulates us as “essential workforce”:

  • Workers supporting public and private childcare establishments, licensed pre-K establishments, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities for purposes of distance learning, or the provision of school meals, or child care for the children of essential workers across all sectors and for uniquely vulnerable children.

What this means is that until the “Stay-At-Home” order is lifted, CMS is still able and willing to provide childcare to anyone considered “essential workforce” based on this order. If you are uncertain if your job qualifies as “essential”, the list is quite comprehensive and can be viewed at:

Childcare is still mandated for those essential workers who are working onsite or at home, as caring for children while trying to work may limit the essential employee’s ability to perform their essential work. These workers are still allowed to leave their homes for the purposes of taking children to and from childcare, thus allowing them to fill those vital needs for our communities.

In order to provide the safest environment possible, CMS will continue to keep children in small groups, practicing social distancing whenever possible. We will follow increased sanitation schedules, and sick children and staff are still required to stay home from work and care. We are also committed to limiting the number of caregivers students come in contact with during the day and limiting different groups of children from working together or utilizing the playground at the same times. We are confident that we can continue to operate a safe environment providing consistency and needed care for the children in our community.

Once the “Stay-At-Home” order is lifted, it is our goal to resume regular services to our families as soon as possible.  Students in childcare will continue to receive educational instruction, as we never see “childcare” as a time to be wasted.

In addition, we will be canceling our scheduled “Spring Break” closure in order to provide families with continuity of care during this crisis.  All childcare programs will continue to run during the week of April 6th – April 10th within our regular business hours.   We know that many families will be working additional hours due to the Covid-19 disruption and it is our hope to support you all in any way that we can.

Please know that this situation is still rapidly changing and I cannot predict what restrictions and/or release thereof may be coming in the future.  We will continue to update you all as things change.  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there are specific ways we can help support your family during this time.


Merissa White


(360) 438-3639