Students may be enrolled for the current school term at any time during the school year as long as spaces are available.  Enrollment opens for the upcoming summer and fall terms after the CMS Open House in February.  Any requests for special accommodations or changes to the enrollment procedures listed below must be made in writing to the school office and approved by the Director.  Priority enrollment is always given to current students followed by siblings and then students with prior Montessori experience.  All other placements are made on a first come, first served basis.

1.) School Tour
Set up a tour with the school office. You will receive basic school information at that time and be able to see the school facilities and ask questions.

2.) Submit Application Form and Enrollment Fees
A new student application fee of $220 is required to secure your student’s space in a classroom. Returning students are required to pay a $175 registration fee each new school year.

3.) Select A Start Date and Return Student Enrollment Forms
Upon reaching this step, students may enroll immediately if space is available in their age group or they will be placed on a wait list for the first available opening. Students may also choose to set a start date for the beginning of a summer term or the beginning of the following school term. Families will receive their student’s full enrollment forms at this time. All forms must be returned to the school office at least 24 hours prior to the student’s chosen start date.

4.) Classroom Visit (optional but highly encouraged)
Make arrangements through the school office for your child to spend 1/2 hour in a Children’s House/Kindergarten classroom prior to their first full day of enrollment.  This allows students to make an easier transition into their classrooms, an opportunity for parents to meet the students teachers, and for both the school and family to gather feedback on student readiness for the classroom.